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I’m your host Eric Stroup

Many of you know me as a full time guide, writer and fly tier. I am all of the above. In fact, we may have had the pleasure of spending a day or two on the water together which is something I enjoy at my core more than anything else.

The world moves so fast and rarely do we have time to escape to the stream. Life, family and career consume our time, however we ALL deserve a break from time to time because there is nothing like a day on the stream to focus the mind and set things right.

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Brys Bunny Vis CDC Dun

This pattern features a product made by Bryan Hostetler that is highly visible and extremely effective. There are many uses for this Bunny Vis–here is one that I like….

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Stroup’s LIVE Face Time Fly Fishing Show Feb 20th

Streamed live on Feb 20, 2015
TODAY- One of the best anglers and guides in the country that you may have never heard of. Mark Antolosky grew up with George Harvey and Joe Humphrey’s in his living room. His father, Centre County Waterways Patrolman Paul Antolosky was best friend to Harvey. Mark was a casting instructor at the Wulff School while Lee was still living and today runs the Masters school in Spruce Creek with Lefty Kreh. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from a man who has taught me much over the years, and is a genuinely great guy!

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Stroup’s Face Time Fly Fishing Show

My apologies to all–there will be no show this week due to the fact that I am in meetings today concerning the Tyrone Fly Fishing Festival! I will have much to announce next week (Friday Feb 20th) and I will have a special guest, my good friend, Mark Antolosky on the show.


Stroup Fly Tying School Feb 27-29

Just a reminder that there are a few slots left for our upcoming tying school! Secure your slot now for a fantastic weekend! Contact us epstroup@gmail.com or call 814-505-4568

COST $600 per/person ALL INCLUSIVE (lodging, meals, instruction, tying material)

ARRIVAL FRI between 10am and Noon–

FRIDAY 12:30 – 4:30 Tying Nymph Patterns- This class will focus on techniques and materials that are particularly effective for tying subsurface patterns. Focus will be on proportion, techniques, different materials and design elements of nymph patterns.

SATURDAY 8am – Noon Tying Dry Flies- This class will cover traditional dry fly patterns like Catskills, parachutes and comparaduns. Focus will be on performance of the pattern–making it do what it’s supposed to do–with an emphasis on placement, proportion and balance of the dry fly.
SATURDAY 1pm – 5pm Tying Performance Patterns- This session will focus on fly patterns that are use specific. Certain insects hatch in specific ways that require us to imitate them with unconventional patterns. This class will help the student identify behaviors and use appropriate materials for the pattern required.

SUNDAY 8am – Noon Tying Attractors and Streamers- Building life and irresistibility into your patterns.
Depart after session


Dave Allbaugh’s Slate Drake Wet Fly

My good friend Dave Allbaugh shares one of his favorite patterns, the Slate Drake Wet Fly. This pattern is is effective at all times, not just when they’re hatching. Enjoy this pattern and get a few in your box!…

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